Welcome to Black River Ambulance Squad Inc.



Mission Statement 

We the members of the Black River Ambulance Squad, are dedicated to quality service providing professional and efficient pre-hospital care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

As role models, we adhere to our core values : Integrity, Respect, and Compassion. 

Values— We are pledged to professional service through: 

Integrity: We are committed to do the right thing by individually upholding the highest moral and ethical standards. We will be honest, truthful, and trustworthy in all that we do. 

Respect: we are committed to treating each other with courtesy and dignity, respecting patient confidentiality and information. 

Compassion: We are committed to caring for each other and our community with sincerity and understanding. We will show concern and sensitivity in treating everyone as we wish to be treated. 

We, the members of the Black River Ambulance Squad believe in professional volunteerism.

“We volunteer because we care” 




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